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Red Light! Green Light!

So in talking with someone about the "vampires must be invited into a residence" thing, I thought I'd check around a few LiveJournal communities (here, windycitymux, and anita_blake_fan) concerning the weirder fine details. Obviously, a vampire can only enter a residence if invited, disinvitation boots the vampire out. But...

Bob invites Vampire Vic into the house. Bob lives with his parents, can Bob's parents revoke the invitation?

If Bob lives in an apartment, how about Bob's landlord?

How about if Bob is a guest at a party and doesn't actually live there. Can he invite? Can the actual owner of the house undo his invite?

I'm personally pretty sure that if one person invites and another person disinvites, the disinviter has to "outrank" the inviter (so Bob's parents could disinvite Vic out of the Bob Household), but what if they're on equal footing (like if Bob's sister Betty disinvited Vic after Bob asked Vic in)?

Bob lives in Apartment 12 and invites Vampire Vic in. Vic visits Bob for years. Bob dies and Eddie moves into Apartment 12. The invitation for Apt.12 was never revoked.. so can Vic enter Eddie's home until Eddie says otherwise? Or if Bob moves to Apt.22 instead of dying, does the invite carry with him?

If Zoey lives upstairs from the store she runs (same building, just one floor up. As seen in many sitcoms), can a vampire enter the store? Can Zoey disinvite that vampire? What if Zoey runs a business directly out of her house (IE: Sells antiques out of the big house she lives in)? Does the business-part of the house effective have a pre-invite due to being established as a public place?

What if the invitation's written down? Does it last as long as the invitation exists physically?

What if the invitation were E-mailed?

Does the vampire have to be aware of the disinvite for it to work? Can the vampire be disinvited after they've left, not knowing about it until they next try to enter?

Can one disinvite beforehand so a particular vampire can never enter? If so, can one do a blanket disinvite for all vampires?

Vampire Violet is invited into someone's sub-basement apartment. The walls are bedrock, there's no windows, the ceiling and doors are made of steel. The home-owner welds the door shut and disinvites Violet. Does she get splattered against the door? How about if the steel door was just padlocked shut? Deadbolted?

...yes, I do wonder about nitpicky details too much. I'm sure that there's been little to no official canon answer from LKH, but I thought instead I'd see what the general "lay of the land" was among readers.
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