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Blood Noir Chapter One 
08:42am 20/03/2008
  Soooooo the First Chapter of Blood Noir has been posted on LKH's website. I've read it and well... let's say I'm abstaining from an opinion. But I would like to hear what you guys have to say.  

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Q&As with LKH on YouTube 
05:28pm 09/08/2007
mood: amused

I enjoyed listening to Laurell answer some common questions. There's a series of 9 videos from the St Louis Science Center, and 3 from the Wolf Howl. A few spoilers for The Harlequin, but not many. In particular, she corrects a copyeditor's mistake in The Harlequin....

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The Harlequin 
04:04pm 08/06/2007

Soooo The Harlequin is out and I finished it today....


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Red Light! Green Light! 
03:20am 28/02/2007
  So in talking with someone about the "vampires must be invited into a residence" thing, I thought I'd check around a few LiveJournal communities (here, windycitymux, and anita_blake_fan) concerning the weirder fine details. Obviously, a vampire can only enter a residence if invited, disinvitation boots the vampire out. But...

Read more...Collapse )

...yes, I do wonder about nitpicky details too much. I'm sure that there's been little to no official canon answer from LKH, but I thought instead I'd see what the general "lay of the land" was among readers.

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07:29am 01/10/2006
  Hi everyone

I've been trying to find the "Guilty Pleasures" comic since it was supposed to come out in February and I've only managed to find one dealer who told me that it was canceled...

Is this true?

He says that Marvel is still trying to come out with the graphic novel, but that the comic line is not happening anymore.

Did ANY comics come out at all??? OR was it canceled before it ever hit the streets?


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An Introduction 
12:52pm 29/09/2006
  Hi. This community looks interesting so I joined it today.

I'm Adam. I've many interests. Come talk if you wish to.

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Danse Macabre & Anita's love life 
12:25am 16/09/2006
  spoilersCollapse )  

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Kick Ass!! 
10:37am 14/09/2006
  YAY Comic Book Anita! She's even got the scars.


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just to be random... 
04:04pm 20/08/2006
  For those of you who have seen Miami Vice, can anyone else since Gong Li as Meng Die? It was a passing thought I had while watching the movie, and it's kinda stuck with me.  

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X-Posted around, Sorry! 
11:18pm 19/07/2006
  (I hope this is okay to post here. If not, sorry! I'll delete it.)

I just recently started up a roleplaying site/room based in the Anitaverse, and also using some stuff from Kim Harrison's Hollow's series.

Check it out, and if you like what you see, join the MB and create a character!

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09:38am 07/07/2006
  I'm impressed by how much information about Anita's world is on Wikipedia . . except I just noticed it doesn't have Zerbrowski's first name. Then I got to thinking, what IS his first name? was it ever mentioned? I'm not even sure what book to look in, should be something in the beginning, since he hasn't been in the later books... hmmm.  

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we're falling, flying. 
10:18am 06/07/2006
  thoughts about jean-claude, anita and richard's triumverate. spoilers for danse macabreCollapse )  

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from LKH interviews 
11:20am 05/07/2006
mood: cheerful
I thought these were pretty good. Spoiler warning: if you follow the links you may get some - at least for Blue Moon & onward.
On her education:
My degree in biology is probably one of the main reasons my "monsters" seem so real. I start with real animals for my were-animals. I try to use as much "real" science as I can.
On using real people as characters:
I do not use real people as characters. I'm superstitious. Bad things happen in my books. What if I killed someone off and then a few days later the person I based the character on also died horribly.
Anita's genesis:
Out of college, I started reading a lot of hard-boiled detective fiction [with both male and female protagonists.] The men got to cuss, the women rarely; the men got to kill people and not feel bad about it, if the women killed someone they had to feel really, really bad about it afterward and it had to be an extreme situation; the men got to have sex, often and on stage and very casually, but if the women had sex it had to be off stage, very sanitized and they had to feel guilty about it afterwards. I thought this was unfair.
- in The SF Site
On research:
When I did Guilty Pleasures [I interviewed a policeman.] Asking about ghouls in a cemetery raiding graves, I said ‘I know that in real life that doesn’t happen,’ and he got the strangest look on his face. And he said, ‘People have teeth too.’ He had been called to cemeteries where people had raided graves and done pretty much what I was writing about, except not as thoroughly. That was the moment I realized that anything I’ll ever come up with on paper has already been done. Once you take out the magic system or the stuff that won’t work with physics as we know it, I cannot invent anything they haven’t already done."
- from Locus Online
Advice for new writers?
You mean I have to, like, write?Collapse )
On sex scenes
...Collapse ) For five books and every crime scene, the camera had never flinched. So what did that say about me that when it came time to have sex on paper I wanted to flinch? It says I’m very American. We’re fine with violence; sex makes us uncomfortable.

Jean-Claude had been a ladies man for over 400 years. And he’s French. After five books of buildup, it had to be good. That first scene was the hardest.
On writing about multiple partners:
For research, I interviewed some households that have three people in a “couple.”
- from St Louis Post-Dispatch

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Still a fan 
03:21pm 29/06/2006
mood: satisfied
SpoilersCollapse )

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04:09pm 29/06/2006
  Hello All I am an avid Laurel K Hamilton Anita Blake Fan! I adore her books. My favourtie book is OB and my fav character is Edward.

I bought Danse Macbre on the 27th and finished it this evening

Under the cut is my opinion beware of spoilers

spoilers of funCollapse )

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09:20pm 27/06/2006

I would just like to share my excitement at having bought Danse Macabre (FINALLY!) today at Barnes & Noble.

Hope everyone enjoys!

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05:02pm 21/06/2006

I read an article today from the St. Louis newspaper that Danse Macabre is coming out TUESDAY!!!

I will go to the bookstore to confirm this rumor.

Just thought everyone would like to know.

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05:12pm 12/04/2006
  Lycanthropes are being murdered all over the city...their bodies being left out in the open with anti-were messages and propaganda surrounding them. The city of St. Louis thought it was beyond treating lycanthropes like second class citizens, that they had moved on. Apparently, they were wrong.

It's up to Anita to find out who is commiting these murders and stop them before they have a widespread panic/riot on their hands.

Complicating matters is Michelle, Anita's 16 year old daughter. Something is seriously wrong...and she's not talking. Is it possible to be both the Executioner and a mother? Or is she going to have to call Edward in on both?

To apply for a character, go to sc_mod.

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