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dansemacabre's Journal

Anita Blake Discussion Group
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This is a community dedicated to intelligent discussions about Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. Posts that include the words "oh my god", "so-and-so is so hawt" and "i hate so-and-so Bcoz they suck" will be received with horror, hysterical laughter and the delete button. Language of a more crude nature will also be frowned upon, despite Hamilton's recent fondness for outrageous sex scenes.

Proper English spelling and grammar is also a requirement... we want intelligent, readable discussion, ladies and gentlemen.

Also, finally. All discussions about the new books need to go behind an LJ-cut.

Do I sound a little harsh? Perhaps. Am just assuring the quality of the discussion, because inane and idiotic fan-y discussion irritate me.

shinyandnat is the owner/moderator of the group.