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The Harlequin

Soooo The Harlequin is out and I finished it today....

What are the thoughts of the people who have read it already?

Yay for a reappearance of Edward (though not enough) and he brought my favorite crazy to the party, Olaf.
I would have to say that right now he's my all time favorite villain because he's the only one that Anita is REALLY afraid of. I actually would say the most intriguing parts of the plot involved him and his creepiness.

I love the idea of the masks of the Harlequin but I wish that Hamilton would spend more time on the actual issue (The Harlequin) and less on Anita's relationships with the numerous men in her life. She even added some more!! It's come to the point that she may have too many major players in the story arch. I( guess what bothers me about this is that I could sum up the events of the 400 some odd page book with a few concise sentences and you wouldn't have missed much.

And for the love of God. Either fix Richard or kill him. I can't handle this shit anymore!

I'm very pleased that it wasn't the total tripe of Danse Macabre but it wasn't exactly spectacular either, I'm hoping this is the beginning of an upward climb into the great writing that Hamilton used to put out. Ones with story and action and plot instead of "I love you" "No I love you more" "No you don't love me enough" "Why am I a freak? Waaaa!!".

My hope for a better Anitaverse is still alive.
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