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Danse Macabre & Anita's love life

So in Danse we find out that it wasn't just the "lust at first sight" between Anita and Micah that was due to Anita's ardeur. The ardeur also affected how they related to each other: it made them be more of what the other person needed/wanted.

We also discovered this has probably been why Anita and Nathaniel have grown past their initial infatuation.

So some, possibly a large, part of why Anita, Micah, and Nathaniel works is the ardeur.

Now, we already knew that Damien's attraction to Anita was, at least in part, due to her magic (specifically her raising him during the daytime, which also turned him into her servant). And we knew that the memories of Jean-Claude and Asher's relationship with Juliana - memories which Anita shares through her link with Jean-Claude - is a large part of why Asher and Anita ended up together. So of her lovers, we have four (Micah, Nathaniel, Damien, Asher) which are her lovers due to magic.

At the same time, I wonder how much of Jean-Claude and Anita is due to - guess what - the ardeur. He carried it before she did, remember, and we know he saw her as a powerful ally back in book one. His power works through sex. How much of her growing attraction, and later love, was due to his power?

Of her partners, there's only one which was attracted to her, and which she fell in love with, without the affects of the ardeur. Yes, Richard. Richard, who she has the most conflicts with, the one who really doesn't fit.

So what does this mean? That Anita is so driven and weird that she can only get laid via magic?
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