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Still a fan

OK, I just finished Danse Macabre and, as always I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know that many of you miss the Anita of old who was a conservative with a high "moral standard" who helped the police solve murders. Let's think about this though, if Anita had stayed the same through all the books, wouldn't you have grown tired of the series and the character. When she was Miss High-and-Mighty casting judgement from her pedestal of isolation she annoyed the crap out of me. I just have little patience for people (even fictional ones) who work that way.

As the series has gone on, there has been less helping the police, which I think Dolph is partly responsible for; and more sex. I have no issue with the sex. There is less of it in this book than there was in ID but the scene with Auggie really stood out for me, as did the one with just her and Asher. There was a ton of character development and we got to know better what makes some of them tick. We learned more about Anita's growing powers as well as everyone else's. This book served as a way to show what was happening to everyone, something that would have been very difficult with a murder in the way. I don't mind the move away from the police work as even that was becoming repetitive. OK, so the big bad murderer changed each time but it was the same formula: murder, Anita helps the cops with her special abilities, the big bad tries to kill her, she kills it instead, the end. Exciting to read but still usually pretty much the same.

With all the characters being the central focus of this book it's our chance to see them under a microscope. We get to see what makes many of them tick. Anita is still on a learning curve where the ardeur is concerned but at least she's making an effort to learn how to control it instead of trying to run away from it as she's done in the past, nearly killing Damien in the process. I prefer the new Anita who doesn't freak out as easily, is more willing to accept the things that are happening to her and who no longer thinks that sex is something dirty to be ashamed of.

Merlin, who was the most menacing new character in this book (and not very menacing at that...yet); didn't seem to be a big bad like we're accustomed to seeing, but I don't think we've seen the last of him. And the bringing of Sampson's power I think will be very interesting, I'm excited to see where she takes us where the merpeople are concerned.

The only thing in this book that bugged the ever loving shit out of me was, as always; Richard. There was a moment, one glorious moment that he was acting like a grown up and not a spoiled child who did everything but stomp his foot. He was, for just a moment; understanding (as understanding as he is able to be), sensitive and willing to try to make things better within the tri. That lasted until the next chapter and then were back to the whining, woe-is-me ass hat that we have all sadly gotten use to. Grrr!!!!

Richard aside, to me, this book felt like the deep breath you take after running your first leg of a race while you wait to take the baton and again run like Marmee Noir is after you... which in Anita's case, she is.

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