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Hello All I am an avid Laurel K Hamilton Anita Blake Fan! I adore her books. My favourtie book is OB and my fav character is Edward.

I bought Danse Macbre on the 27th and finished it this evening

Under the cut is my opinion beware of spoilers

So I just got done reading the new Laurel K Hamilton Novel and I must say I am a little disappointed... For one her being pregnant would have been really awesome! Two there’s wasn’t much of a plot line aside from the “oooooh let’s fuck” angle and the “on no Anita is dangerous and powerful.” I mean she’s screwing on a normal basis, eight different men! Not too mention 1) Where the Hell is Edward 2) Where the Hell is the action and violent plot we’ve come to know and love and 3) If I read the word orgasm, come, came, climax or release more that three times in two pages it’s no longer a story it’s erotica!

I don’t know I mean Micah was really good I was impressed by the story line and minimal sex. Buy this is just one giant fuck fest by page chapter 36 page 335 there had been…hmmm let me think five sex scenes all lasting up to 20 pages, too much magic and too much baby daddy drama. Is this really what LKH has reduced herself too Dead Goddess I am so angry. I love this series but ever since NIC it has become all about the sex and not about the plot. Time to go back to reading something a little less….mmmm…..predictable, pornographic, no what’s the word….Ah…..shallow.

Don’t get me wrong I still love the characters, but the author, that’s who I’m having problems with.
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